Glostays is a cross-party group of Gloucestershire residents campaigning to ensure the UK stays in the European Union and working with other EU members to champion human rights, peace, prosperity and respect for the environment at home, in Europe, and around the world.

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The Clock is Ticking - How You Can Help

  • Join Glostays - you can sign up for our newsletter, and, even better, click the link at the top to become a member.
  • Write to your MP - click the link at the top where you will find contact details and a suggested letter template.
  • Volunteer with Glostays - help to deliver leaflets across the county and join us on campaign stalls in our town centres.

A Little More About Us...

Proud of the widespread support for the EU expressed across Gloucestershire, we aim to celebrate our shared culture and defend the environmental and political achievements of the European project, including every freedom of movement and the right of UK and other EU citizens to make their home among other member nations.

Membership of Glostays is open to anyone who lives in Gloucestershire and supports the aims of Glostays.

Formal membership is available for £1 per year. This means that you are able to vote at our meetings, and you can take part in our campaigns whilst being covered by our public liability insurance.

Britain for EuropeGlostays is a member of Britain For Europe, a national alliance of local, regional and national networks, all sharing the same goal of keeping the UK in the EU as a full member.

This association means that whilst we are working primarily at the local level, we are playing a key role in the national strategy.

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