Glostays Pro-EU Campaign Stall in GloucesterOur campaign stalls are coming to a high street near you!

A key part of our strategy is holding campaign stalls around Gloucestershire. Its a sad truth that a lot of Remainers are unaware that the fight to stay in the EU is continuing, and this is one of the best ways of reaching out and saying "Don't give up hope".

The Leave campaign is now focusing on stopping the debate altogether, becasue they know that they can't win the debate when the truth is known. Their strategy is to just keep screaming "respect the will of the people", and "stop undermining our democracy". Many Remainers are giving up because of this. But democracy doesn't end with a vote (it clearly didn't in 1975!)

Thanks to our campaigns (and those of our sister organisations around the country), the "will of the people" has now shifted in favour of Remain! It is the Leave campaigners who are not respecting the will of the people, and it is they who are undermining British democracy by attempting to trigger Article 50 without parliamentary consent.

Glostays Pro-EU Campaign Stall in GloucesterOur other campaign stall target are the Leave voters. Not the shouty ones, with the pointy fingers and the CAPS LOCK on social media. Instead, we focus on the reasonable ones. Those who truly believed they were voting in the best interests of the country. Those who made a reasoned, and fully understandable, decision based on the information they were given.

It is our job to help them to differentiate the information from the misinformation, and the truth from the outright lies. And most importantly, it is our job to listen! Lots of people have very valid concerns about a whole range of issues regarding the EU. Luckily, the vast majority of them are unfounded and are merely due to the lies peddled by the Leave campaign, and by the media over the past 20-30 years.

Please come and say hello if you see one of our campaign stalls, we'd love to hear from you, whether you agree with us or not!