Glostays is a non-partisan and multi-partisan group. And, as such, we are not supporting any specific parties in the general election. It is important to stress that the Britain for Europe long term campaign plan to remain in the EU has always assumed that there would be a Conservative majority in parliament. We were promised there would be no general election, so the plan was devised on this assumption. The Conservatives winning this election will not affect the strategy.

What is crucial, though, is that a majority of pro-Remain MPs are returned to parliament, regardless of which party they belong to. Whilst removing the Tories from power may be desirable for a lot of Remainers, this is not necessary for the plan to succeed. For this reason, we will be identifying pro-Remain candidates in each constituency in Gloucestershire (across a range of parties) that we believe stand the greatest chance of succeeding (ie. tactical voting).

A Manifesto for Europe

The EU was built on the words of Winston Churchill. It was founded on the same values that we recognise as British values, including democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect.

The European Union has enabled neighbouring nations to overcome historic differences, create new alliances and build bridges where previously there were walls.

For the past 70 years, the United Kingdom has enjoyed peace, prosperity, and enhanced standing in the world as a result of its role at the heart of the European Union.

Glostays (the Gloucestershire-wide campaign group to stay in the EU) has met to discuss Parliament's passing of the third reading on the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill. Whilst some members were disappointed that none of the proposed amendments were added to the bill, other members were delighted that Theresa May's Government had backed down and agreed to Parliament having a vote on the final EU deal.

Heading to the Unite for Europe marchGlostays, the pro-EU campaign group, marched with the Unite for Europe national protest march to Parliament against brexit on Saturday.

Glostays filled a coach with supporters from Stroud on Saturday morning to attend the march, which attracted an estimated 100,000 protestors according to police figures. This was several time more than the predicted numbers of between 16,000 and 25,000. So many coaches from around the country turned up at the protest march that the police delayed the start of the march by one hour.

Stop the Silence in StroudGlostays, the Gloucestershire-wide pro-EU campaign group, has delivered a letter to the offices of the local MPs, Neil Carmichael and Richard Graham, which asks them to support the national Stop the Silence campaign to listen to the views of people who oppose the "Brexit at any cost" policy being forced through by the Government.