Stop the Silence in StroudGlostays, the Gloucestershire-wide pro-EU campaign group, has delivered a letter to the offices of the local MPs, Neil Carmichael and Richard Graham, which asks them to support the national Stop the Silence campaign to listen to the views of people who oppose the "Brexit at any cost" policy being forced through by the Government.

Stop the Silence is a crowdfunded campaign which raised more than £70,000 in 10 days to fund billboards across the country, and a video that has gone viral with over 170,000 views in three days. The campaign represents all of the people across the country who feel they have no voice in the issues affecting the country since the referendum to leave the European Union.

The Gloucestershire campaign group stood in a "wall of silence" while the letters were delivered to Neil Carmichael's and Richard Graham's offices to drive home the point.

The letters asks the MPs to support the campaign to listen to the fears of people in their constituency who fear for their rights, their jobs and the cost of inflation.

Glostays hopes that these letters will encourage the MPs to listen to the views of all of their constituents, not just those who agree with the current Government policy. They hope that they will support the campaign for the rights of EU citizens in the UK, for Parliamentary sovereignty, and for the best possible outcome from the forthcoming negotiations with the EU.

Matt Lewis-Garner, the chair of Glostays said "This is not about whether you voted to Leave or Remain in the European Union. This is about wanting the best outcome for the country during and after the negotiation period."

"Many people are understandably worried about what is happening. The people didn't vote for hate crime. We didn't vote for price hikes. We didn't vote for a brutal Brexit. We didn't vote to jeopardise our economy. We didn't vote for a tyranny of the majority."

Stop the Silence in Gloucester"The people are speaking. Is Parliament listening? Is Neil Carmichael and Richard Graham listening?"

Saskia Slottje is a member of Glostays who came to Gloucestershire from the Netherlands and has been living in the county for 20 years. She is now unsure of her future in the UK. She said, "I'm also very concerned about the fate of my British friends who feel unrepresented by their government."

Alwyn Vaughan, the treasurer of Glostays pointed out that "Many people are resorting to social media to share their concerns about the Government's form of Brexit. Billboards are the obvious way to get concerns off social media and literally onto the streets. We've taken that a step further and taken the issue straight to our local MP."

"We all want a good deal. We do not believe the Government's current 'deal or no deal' position will achieve that. It should be country first, not Brexit first."