Glostays (the Gloucestershire-wide campaign group to stay in the EU) has condemned Theresa May's announcement on Tuesday that the Government plan's to take the UK out of the Single Market as part of its negotiation plans for leaving the European Union.

The Single Market is the part of the European Union that Remain groups were most keen to retain in brexit negotiations due to its benefits for the UK economy.

Tuesday's announcement has addressed nearly seven months of speculation over the Government's negotiation strategy with the European Union by clarifying its stance on membership of the Single Market. Theresa May indicated that it would not be possible to remain a member of the Single Market and still acheive their other objectives over immigration control.

Chair of Glostays, Matt Lewis-Garner said "Theresa May is not only ignoring the wishes of the people who voted to stay in the European Union, she is also ignoring the wishes of a large number of Leave voters who wanted to leave the EU, but protect our economy by retaining membership of the Single Market."

"Several key Leave campaigners, including Nigel Farage and Daniel Hannan are on record as saying that voting to leave the EU would not be a vote to leave the Single Market. It is doubtful that the Leave campaign would have been able to win a majority without those assurances, but now those wishes are being ignored."

Treasurer of Glostays, Alwyn Vaughan added "There are hundreds of businesses around Gloucestershire that rely on membership of the Single Market. I dread to think how many Gloucestershire families' livelihoods are now at risk."

Glostays are calling on Gloucestershire residents to join their campaign to stay in the Single Market, and stay in the EU. You can join their Facebook group at or find more information on their website