Glostays (the Gloucestershire-wide campaign group to stay in the EU) has welcomed today's judgement by the Supreme Court that Parliament is sovereign and therefore must be the body to trigger article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty to initiate negotiations to leave the European Union.

Triggering Article 50 is the first step towards leaving the EU, as voted on in last year's referendum. However, the Government sought to right to trigger article 50 without formal consent from Parliament. An act which has now been confirmed as unlawful.

The original case was brought in the High Court in October last year by a consortium of both Remain and Leave voters, who challenged the Government over their wish to use the Royal Prerogative to trigger the start of the process of leaving the EU. The Government lost the High Court case but appealed to the Supreme Court.

Glostays has supported the legal challenge and is pleased with the Supreme Court's ruling. This ruling gives all of Gloucestershire's MPs a say in the process for leaving the EU, to make sure that Gloucestershire's interests are protected.

Chair of Glostays, Matt Lewis-Garner said "It is a sad irony that Theresa May has called for Remainers and Leavers to unite and support the brexit negotiations, but the only thing that Remainers and Leavers can be united over is the ruling of the Supreme Court that Parliament is, and always has been sovereign, and that Theresa May cannot act like a dictator."

"This is exactly what Leave voters were voting for, and exactly what Remainers knew we already had; the sovereignty of the UK Parliament."

Secretary of Glostays, and Legal Counsel, Lindsay Hamilton-Reid added "This is not about stopping brexit, this is about the rule of law, the sovereignty of Parliament and ensuring that the Prime Minister cannot act unilaterally against the wishes of our elected Parliament. This is a good day for British democracy."

Parliament is expected to vote to trigger Article 50 at the end of March after scrutinising the Government's proposals.

Glostays is a grassroots, non-partisan movement, calling on Gloucestershire residents to join their campaign to stay in the EU. You can join their Facebook group at or find more information on their website