Glostays' main aim is No Brexit. Not just a "soft" brexit.

The referendum was won with lies, half truths and emotional appeals to fear and nationalism. The referendum cannot be overturned when it is the politically-perceived will of the people, so Glostays must campaign to significantly CHANGE the will of the people. We will do this by spreading the truth, correcting the lies, and allaying the fears of those who felt the best interests of this country lay in leaving the European Union. Glostays must do this with respect, and by listening to and truly understanding those who disagree with us.

Glostays will work with other local organisations around the country that are conducting the same task.

Glostays is also a founder member of Britain for Europe, who are campaigning at a national level to ensure proper scrutiny of the Government's proposals and negotiations, and the eventual rejection of brexit either through Parliament or a third referendum.

Write to your MP to tell them how you want them to vote in Parliament